Quantity Allowances The Teaching Profession Never Struck The Median

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Quantity Allowances The Teaching Profession Never Struck The Median
Quantity Allowances The Teaching Profession Never Struck The Median
Jakarta – Member Commission (education) the House of representativesthe Government proposes Ferdiansyah should change the system or the pattern of payment of alimony Allowances teacher profession teaching profession.

During this time, the granting of money Allowances the teaching profession is hit flat,regardless of the person’s teacher that has the quality of teaching is good or not. The difference is only referring to the rank of personnel only.

A great system is, how teachers so that the recipient of the allowance of the teaching profession was eager to develop themselves,” he said in the House of representatives complex yesterday.

Golkar politician, it said, the Ministry of education and culture or the Ministry of religious affairs could make the system of competition in the determination of the magnitude of Benefits the teaching profession. So nominal Stipends teaching profession received teacher respectively. Qualified teachers teaching profession get alimony, comparison of teachers who teach perfunctory.

Ferdiansyah simulates a budget allowance of the teaching profession that consists of six levels or grade. The lowest levels are only given Stipends of teacher Profession Rp million per month. As for the level of Allowances, the teaching profession up to Rp 6 million per month.

With that system teachers will compete to defend even the enhance competencies. In order to obtain the nominal Stipends of teacher Profession. This way is more fair than the current model using average. Teacher competencies with mediocre teachers that her teaching profession, benefits are now the same. It’s a great pity, “he said.

According to the Government must stimulate Ferdiansyah teachers to spend money Allowances of teachers Profession wisely. I.e. set aside some nominal Benefits the teaching profession for the purposes of self development. For example, training courses, or subscriptions to the internet to search for literatureliterature study.
Director – Teacher and Educational Personnel of the Ministry of education and culture Sumarna Surapranata said, it is true that teachers should be encouraged to under take self development. So that the quality of teaching is getting better over time.

He did not want the teachers already feel safe and comfortable at the point when the teaching profession get alimony. Teaching activities so that only limited funds meet the criteria to get the Perks of the profession of teacher. Like teaching and corresponding linear weights at least 24 hours face to face forward.

The budget for salaries and allowances of teachers was huge. Come on now replacement quality is enhanced, “he said. Institution‘s data mentions, this year’s total budget for salaries and allowances of teachers reached Rp 214,318 trillion.

Or the equivalent of 52.38 percent of the total budget of the function of education.Budget jumbo were not included for teachers under the Ministry of religious affairs.

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